Top-Notch, Gaming-Inspired Apparel

Dapper Pixel prides itself in creating top-notch, gaming-inspired apparel. All t-shirt designs are original and draw inspiration from the video games we play, while making sure you look stylish in them.

Each design is a fan homage that highlights the characters, worlds, and moments of the video games we love. They are a product of passion for video games and design with a commitment to quality worthy of any gamer.

A Brief History

My name is Christopher "Gonzo" Gonzalez and I am Dapper Pixel. My background is in architecture and I have always been very passionate about design and video games. Then, one fateful day, I decided to take both these passions and turn it into a creative opportunity to be enjoyed by others.

The idea for Dapper Pixel all started in early 2012 with the very simple plan of creating top-notch, gaming-inspired apparel. Shirts would be made of the best quality materials, designs would be stylish, and wearing them would feel awesome.

Good Luck, Have Fun

As Dapper Pixel continues to grow, so will I. I look forward to sharing more stories about the early challenges. Better yet, I am excited about creating new stories with Dapper Pixel and all of you who support it. There are many ideas already in the works. The future of Dapper Pixel includes designing new apparel that will involve you in some ambitious and creative ways.